An Excerpt From Truth: The 508 Day One-Night Stand

Slices of Life

the day i met amy tan

“my mother was nuts,” she announced unabashedly,

later further elucidating…

“two eyes smashed upon the cold, black street like,”

some fish she hardly articulated

“mine, too, is” i thought as she unveiled her muse

“i bet they always spell it wrong,” she later smiled

unaware of the tears she’d evoked, still soaking my impenetrable cheeks

“of course,” i said

followed with a mesmerized, “thank you”

she thought it was for the autograph

write your scars, my darling

write, ariel, write

He emerged from the bathroom dragging in that it’s Saturday and I don’t really want to go to work way. I desperately inched toward him in that know but I’m just not ready way, presenting him with a plate of deliciousness I’d pieced together from the vestiges of our last trip to the grocery store.

“I made breakfast while you were showering,”…

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